Grab their attention and boost engagement with custom pieces they can interact and excited to take photo/videos of. Whether you’re planning a gala dinner, internal party, exhibiion booth or just looking to refresh the office, we work with you to bring your ideas to life, following closely to your brand guidelines and suggesting ways to get the most impact.


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Every store has a sign, but not every store has a preeminent sign that captures what its essence, gets noticed and even receive compliments! We currently only offer signs for indoor use.


Welcome your guests to the event with a large sign of your company’s logo, tagline or event name. This is the first impression your guests have as they enter the venue, make it one that’s truly representative to your company’s values and/or the event theme.

Treat your VIPs with custom cutouts or coasters with their names on one side and your company logo tastefully engraved on the other side. We offer various material options, such as wood, cork, and acrylic. 


The right swag can improve brand affinity and that’s what we hope yours would be. As people adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, it’s key to create thoughtful swag that your guests would actually cherish rather than making another envionmental waste.

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