About Us

Box Not Box is a creative studio that specializes in designing and producing bespoke laser cut goods for birthdays, weddings, brand activations, store branding and more. We collaborate with individual clients, industry professionals, and local & international brands to bring their ideas to life. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Vancouver, Box Not Box is 100% founder-owned and operated.

Founder story

In 2013, Eric built something unexpected out of cardboard - a fully functional bar with special lighting, shelves, and locks.

It was not his first cardboard creation but it’s the one that inspired the name Box Not Box because he turned a box into not a box! Stephanie shares the same creative passion and together, formed a business partnership. Eric brings his technical know-how, spatial thinking and curious mind whereas Stephanie brings her graphic design, business acumen, and passion for brand building to the table.

Soon after launching the Box Not Box Instagram account and website, we started making brand activation pieces for international brands and local community events. In late 2017, we branched out to weddings and birthdays as we saw there was a huge opportunity for personalized laser cut items. Though Box Not Box has grown quite a bit, we still get super excited about every project we get, big or small. We love what we do and you can see it in our design and quality!

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